Dessert Replacements

Seeds and Berries, Pack of 2 ( 50gm each ) - 100 gm
Rs. 140.00Rs. 133.00
A delectable mix of Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, walnut that give you a lovely crunch along...
Nutraj Signature - Sweet & Tart Sliced Cranberries
Rs. 109.00Rs. 104.00
Nutraj presents this pack of Signature American dried sliced cranberries which makes for a healthy snacking option for...
Safavi Dates
Rs. 380.00Rs. 361.00
Safavi Dates are one of our crown jewels. Plump, moist, and luscious, Safavi dates are simply divine. They...
Rs. 280.00
A delectable mix of Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, pecan and macadamia nuts that give you a...
Rs. 699.00
Indulge in wholesome and fulfilling snacking with this pack of Signature figs from Nutraj. These fresh, sweet, and...
Rs. 150.00
Try the ultimate solution to your mid day cravings. Indulge in sweet flavors of the crisp and the...
Rs. 250.00
Our black raisins are plump, moist, and delicious. Black raisins are famous for their sweetness, so they’re a...
Rs. 240.00
Attention berry lovers! With no artificial sweeteners, this super snack is an interesting mix of hand-picked Blueberry, Cranberries,...
Fusion Jaggery Candies: Chocolate (Pack of 2)
Rs. 198.00Rs. 189.00
Rs. 240.00
No sugar. No preservatives. organic peanut and organic Jaggery. We created the chikki bar as a healthy snacking...
Honey Roasted Almonds ( 100gm ) - 100 gm
Rs. 250.00Rs. 238.00
Heart healthy roasted almonds get a sweet treatment with a touch of golden honey! These delicious nuts are...
Rs. 110.00
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