HealthifyMe Makhana - Lightly Salted, Roasted Fox Nut Pack of 3(40gm each)

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Recommended by nutritionists as a low calorie and low fat snack, fox nut, phool makhana or puffed lotus seed is diet friendly and a nutrition powerhouse. Flavoured with Himalayan Salt, ...these lip-smacking Lightly Salted Makhanas are roasted (and not fried) protecting all its nutritional goodness. Makhana's high-fiber content makes the snack more filling, therefore reducing any unnecessary binge eating. It's calorie counted and is a nutritious filling snack that can be consumed anytime during the day. It also helps maintain blood pressure, contains anti-ageing enzymes and is recommended by nutritionists. It's organic, antioxidant rich, contains no preservatives, cholesterol free, 0% trans-fat, gluten free, non GMO, low sodium, non-hydrogenated. Comes in a pack of 3.
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