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Lime & Lemony Chana, Pack of 2(100gm each) - 200 gm
Rs. 138.00Rs. 132.00
This lime coated roasted bengal gram with Indian spices is an irresistible snack alternative. Have a few every...
One of the best vegetarian superfoods, full of nutrition and taste these are among one of the most...
Rs. 120.00
All our Trail mixes are packed with nutrition, which works as a quick source of energy. Next time...
Chaat Masala Makhana, Pack of 3(40gm each)
Low on fat and calories, makhanas make for a great alternative to regular fried snacks. Being a high-fibre...
Seeds and Berries, Pack of 2 ( 50gm each ) - 100 gm
Rs. 140.00Rs. 133.00
A delectable mix of Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, walnut that give you a lovely crunch along...
Roasted Bajra Pearls, Pack of 2 (50 gm each) - 100 gm
A marriage of perfect golden roasted bajra grains and authentic Indian spices. Nutty Yogi's Roasted Bajra Pearls make...
Cranberry Crunch Trail Mix, Pack of 4(30gm each)
Rs. 260.00Rs. 155.00
Low on calories, and a 100% natural, trail mixes are the amongst the healthiest snack options around. These...
Nutraj Signature - Sweet & Tart Sliced Cranberries
Rs. 109.00Rs. 104.00
Nutraj presents this pack of Signature American dried sliced cranberries which makes for a healthy snacking option for...
Rs. 98.00
These Roasted Mung Jor will spice up your munching while adding protein and fibre to your diet. Binge...
Khakhra! A delightful roasted snack to be eaten with pickles, chutneys, dips and what not because Nutty Yogi's...
HealthifyMe Trail Mix - Mulberry Munch, Pack of 4(30gm each)
Rs. 320.00Rs. 194.00
Need a quick snack in office, during a trip or as an evening tea snack? HealthifyMe's natural trail...
Quinoa Masala Puffs, pack of 2 (50 gm each) - 100 gm
Rs. 130.00Rs. 124.00
Snack happy with Quinoa Puffs. Crispy, crunchy and nutritious made from 100% Quinoa. These delicious mouth-watering crunchy balls...
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