Apricot Fusion Trail Mix, Pack of 2(30gm each) - 60 gm

Rs. 150.00 150.00

Trail Mix…Danish called it Studenthavre, Kiwis call it Schmogle, Germans refer to it as studentfutter. Typically known as ‘GROP – good old raisins and peanuts’ by hikers around the world. Ancient nomadic tribes were known to have mixed up dried berries, fruits, nuts and seeds together to take on their trips. They were professionals at making these easy to take on trips, high energy snacks that could handle any weather and didn’t need any cooking. Various versions of GROP were made by ancient travelers, explorers, pioneers, hunters, soldiers and cowboys. Today, TRAIL MIX is an essential food for the busy you. We have the science right to give the energy you need. All our Trail mixes are packed with nutrition, which works as a quick source of energy. Next time you are hit by those hunger pangs at work, in the car or at home and contemplating a healthier sack option….timeless TRAIL MIX anyone!?

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